The HOCl Trust is a charity which needs your support to achieve its missions.

In return for a donation of just £10, we'll supply you with all the information and online support you need to make your very own supply of HOCl at home, to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from harmful pathogens - for life!

Donate £10 today and provide an HOCl Drop of Hope  for those less fortunate than us.

HOCl Trust Drop of Hope

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What will happen to your donations?

This is a newly established charity with a unique ambition.

All the money raised by the HOCL Trust will be held in the trust's bank account until it has reached a level which will enable it to do any or all of the following:-

  1. Send HOCL ingredients to people or institutions who need/deserve them.
  2. Send instructors/assistants/ingredients to help other charities and NGOs where required in emergency areas.
  3. Hold seminars within the existing conference circuit in order to educate and spread HOCL awareness.


We have only three members and no salaried staff. Our expense account is therefore minimal and we hope to keep it that way.

Patrons: Professor Carlton Evans, Dr Sumona Datta, Sir Richard Stilgoe & Dr Hugh Martin

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