Whilst the World is gripped in a battle against Coronavirus, we are focusing our efforts exclusively to supplying our keyworkers with the means to make their own antiviral-strength HOCl.

HOCl sterilises - maximising hygiene - similar chemicals only disinfect. 

HOCl is a powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial.

HOCl is 100% NON-TOXIC to man, beast and the environment.

HOCl is naturally produced by the blood to fight infection.

HOCl forms a major part of the human and animal immune system.

What exactly is HOCl?

HOCl is an aqueous chlorine solution which has a mildly acidic pH ranging between 5 and 7.  Every person or animal which uses blood as its life support system carries HOCl within their white blood cells. This naturally-occurring chemical forms a major part of the immune system and it's triggered into action when the body is attacked by the threat of infection. It is effective against a broad range of microorganisms, is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-corrosive at proper usage concentrations.


Why is your donation urgent during the Covid-19 crisis?

Your donation will allow us to supply key workers with the means to make antiviral-strength HOCl for their personal use and to share with their colleagues, without having to wait for scarce supplies to filter down through the higher echelons of higher management.

How does HOCl Trust operate in this crisis?

We are working with groups and contacts on the ground who are already providing nurses, doctors, paramedics and other keyworkers with essential supplies. Our keyworkers are making incredible personal sacrifices for us all, and many of them are in direct contact with the disease day in, day out, throughout this crisis. We need to help them stay safe and reduce the risk of infection.

They need our help. They need HOCl now.

£5 covers the cost of 100 LITRES of antiviral-strength HOCl

Just £25 pays for 600 LITRES!

If you Donate £50 or More

we will offer to send you the means and instructions to make enough at home for the duration of this crisis

(or you can reject this offer so we can reach more keyworkers...!)

Our keyworkers are struggling to find enough disinfection supplies to protect themselves - some staff are only protected with gloves and social distancing! We need to reduce their rates of infection NOW.

We can provide keyworkers with the means to make and use virucidal-strength HOCl (2000ppm AFC) to decontaminate themselves, their workstations, delivery vehicles and surfaces they come into contact with before, during and after their shifts.

Please donate what you can afford today and tell any front-line keyworkers such as nurses, doctors, midwives, consultants, ambulance and air paramedics, as well as essential keywrokers such as supermarket staff, delivery drivers, bus and taxi drivers to register through our KEYWORKER REGISTRATION FORM with the details of their keyworker groups so we can distribute HOCl to them.


The more donations we raise the more keyworkers we can help!

100% of your donation money will be used for this purpose.

We have no premises, no salaried staff, only volunteers. 

A collection service is available to key workers in the Oxfordshire area. 

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