HOCl Trust for Hygiene and Safer Water
Help Us Fundraise



There are several ways you can help to raise funds for the HOCl Trust, without having to donate directly:

If you shop with Amazon, sign up with Amazon Smile, and we will receive a percentage of your purchase as a donation from Amazon!

If you sell items on eBay, you can choose the HOCl Trust for Hygiene and Safter Water as a charity you support. A chosen percentage of the value of your sale will come directly to us.

You can install the Easy Fundraising app on your computer or mobile device, which you then use as a portal to access your usual online stores. A small percentage of the value of the purchases you make will then be donated to us by the shop you are purchasing from - you won't directly donate a penny yourself!

Share our website and social media accounts with your friends and family, telling them you support our cause!