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Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Covid-19 Campaign:

How will keyworkers make and use HOCl when you send them the supplies?

It's very simple. They receive NaDCC tablets to distribute amongst themselves. These tubs have instructions on to dissolve the tablets at the correct antiviral concentration. They become HOCl when dissolved in water. Keyworkers only need to find an empty 2 litre soda or water bottle, some tap water and a spray bottle to decant the HOCl into for easier use, and a permanent marker to label the bottles 'HOCl 2000ppm AFC'. The bottles can then be used time and time again.

If it is so good why are the NHS not using it already?

It is commercially produced and available through the NHS supply chain, but it is not being used by health care staff despite the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) specifically list it as a 'critical commodity' on their Covid-19 v4

Disease Commodity Package which was updated on 6th March 2020. NaDCC is listed as essential for use in Health Care Facilities as part of the PPE when dealing with Covid-19 v4, just as goggles, face-shields and alcohol-based hand rubs, scrubs and heavy duty aprons are listed. It may be getting to clleaning contractors for deep cleaning of large areas (corridoors etc) but it's not getting to staff to use directly in their personal fight against the virus.

NaDCC is acknowledged by WHO as hypochlorous acid and is safe for purifying contaminated drinking water, it is used for treatment of wounds and ulcers, in dentistry and in skin care amongst many other applications, and is safe for use on hands.

Our founder instigated the use of HOCl in the NHS as an alternative to the use of highly toxic Gluteraldehyde. Back in the 1990s it was branded “Sterilox” and became the gold standard by which endoscopes were reprocessed within the NHS and private hospitals. You can read more about this in our STORY.

Can I choose which keyworkers get donations?

Please tell any keyworkers you want to support to complete the form on our DONATE page and we will contact them directly.

How much will a donation of, say, £10 help?

£10 would pay for the ability of a group of keyworkers to receive and make over 200 litres of antiviral-strength HOCl and would be an enormous help!

How will I know my donations are being used properly?

We will be updating our social media pages as often as we can to show how we are supporting NHS keyworkers, and we will be asking them to post about what we're doing for them when they receive supplies. This way you will know we're genuinely helping! We consist of a very small team of volunteers and corporate donors who are offering their empty office space during lockdown for our use, we have no premises and no overheads.

Your website says if I donate, I'll get the information on how to make it myself at home, is this true?

One of our day-to-day MISSIONS is to help you avoid having to use toxic cleaning chemicals at home, so yes, we will provide you with this information. HOWEVER, whilst this pandemic is still an issue, we would kindly ask you to refrain from purchasing crucial supplies for a short time to ensure there is enough for our keyworkers. Once this crisis is over, then please go ahead and use the information we provide you with. During this campaign, if you donate £50 or more we will offer to send you supplies to make enough HOCl at home to last you through this pandemic, however, you will have the option to refuse this offer if you feel lockdown is keeping you safe and it could be better utilised by keyworkers.

Other FAQs...

Will you support me if I donate?

YES! We are here to make it work. Just ask.

Is it really legal?

Yes, unlike Polyhexanide (PHMB) there are no restrictions in using HOCl products by non-professional users so the field is open and will only increase as the forthcoming ban/restriction on PHMB takes effect.

Will it infringe on a patent?

It will not be infringing any patent as everything about HOCl is public domain.

Do organisms develop resistance to HOCl the same way as they do to antibiotics?

No. The mode of action of HOCl is completely different to any other biocide. It breaks down the cell wall and destroys the RNA and DNA in the organism. (I.Beech et al - Portsmouth University)

Is it safe to make at home?

Yes. As with all household chemicals, the chemicals that are required to make HOCl need to be handled with precaution in their raw form. Once the HOCl is made, it is very safe to handle.

Can I buy ready-made HOCl-based solutions if I don't want to make it myself at home?

There are now many excellent HOCl-based products available on the market today targeted at a variety of applications from skincare to surface disinfection, and which are ready-made solutions for your HOCl needs. These can be found on the internet, however we do not specifically endorse or partner with any specific commercial HOCl manufacturers.

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