Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Will you support me if I donate?

YES! We are here to make it work. Just ask.

Is it really legal?

Yes, unlike Polyhexanide (PHMB) there are no restrictions in using HOCl products by non-professional users so the field is open and will only increase as the forthcoming ban/restriction on PHMB takes effect.

Will it infringe on a patent?

It will not be infringing any patent as everything about HOCl is public domain.

Do organisms develop resistance to HOCl the same way as they do to antibiotics?

No. The mode of action of HOCl is completely different to any other biocide. It breaks down the cell wall and destroys the RNA and DNA in the organism. (I.Beech et al - Portsmouth University)

Is it safe to make at home?

Yes. As with all household chemicals, the chemicals that are required to make HOCl need to be handled with precaution in their raw form. Once the HOCl is made, it is very safe to handle. A full list of precautionary measures will be made available to you when you donate.

Image by kind permission of Ed Haynes

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