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Individuals,  communities, charities/NGOs and governments  all come together to do their best to rebuild the lives and livelihoods of those affected and minimise the impact of the destruction caused to humans and animals alike.

Be prepared NOW

We will show you how to make and use HOCl  in post-disaster situations. Increase hygiene, make polluted water safe, and improve the chances of survival.

We are appealing to YOU: charities, government departments, volunteers, doctors, nurses or aid workers of any sort. Let us help you. Free of any charge.

IF you would like to make a real improvement in reducing post-disaster trauma, then here is our proposal to you....

Do you want to see a real change in post-disaster death rates?

Then here is our proposal to you.

Our Offer

  • Your organisation will be able to quote from and use the knowledge behind our peer reviewed data and other scientific proof of efficacy.
  • Access to our scientific advisory panel.
  • Route to simple safe sourcing of raw material and recipe for production locally and (when funds permit) supply of materials for production locally.
  • Full range of proven applications for HOCl and details of methods of application.

What we ask for in Return

Exposure via:

A prominent statement on your organisation's/charity's  website and literature saying words to the effect:-

"We use the HOCl Trust science as part of our Water Decontamination Processes and Hygiene boosting regimes."

Plus a link to this web site, and permission to add your charity's logo, a link to your website and a statement on our site such as "We are working in partnership with.....".

Our Guarantee

When used as directed, we guarantee that:

  1.     No human pathogens will be passed on to the recipient via the HOCl treated water.
  2.     All treated drinking vessels and food handling equipment, tools, crockery etc is sterile.

If you want to discuss how we can work together,

Patrons: Professor Carlton Evans, Dr Sumona Datta, Sir Richard Stilgoe & Dr Hugh Martin

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