Update 31.01.2018

HOCl Drop of Hope

Since mid 2016 when the HOCl Trust was first created, progress has been predictably slow. The comprehensive web site is now almost complete but a full launch via a crowd funding site has not yet taken place. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, due to the uniquely complex nature of descriptive microbiology, it is felt that the site itself does not have the capacity to hold the reader's attention and needs a form of animation to make it more interesting. To this end we have commissioned Dr Vitaly Zinkevich of Portsmouth University to make a film in real time of HOCl acting on bacteria such as E.Coli and Clostridium Difficile, two human pathogens causing problems to the NHS almost daily. In 1997, Dr Zinkevich showed that HOCl effectively destroyed the RNA and DNA in the bacterial cell. The film is now complete, and we hope that, within the next 8-12 weeks, to incorporate it continuously spooling in the web site with a suitable voice over describing what is happening.

The second problem is that we believe we need a "prominent and appropriate public figure" who is prepared to be nominated as leading Patron for the HOCl Trust. If anyone reading this knows of such a person, could you please make a suggestion…… That said, we are enormously grateful to Sir Richard Stilgoe, Professor Carlton Evans, Dr Sumona Datta (both of Imperial College London) and Dr Hugh Martin of the Royal Agricultural University, UK for their patronage and continued support. Carlton and Sumona are currently based in Lima, Peru working on environmental control of TB. A massive project.

During January this year your trustees have reached a draft agreement with SanPharma, Hamburg, Germany. SanPharma is a rare pharmaceutical company which is entirely "green"

and very ethical. They specialise in biological health solutions for which HOCl will be a very appropriate addition to their portfolio. They operate all over Europe and the USA at present

and have plans to expand their market territory. They will undertake to manufacture HOCl in a pure form, market it throughout their network into their areas of application expertise under SanPharma branding. For every pre-determined volume of HOCl they sell, a %age contribution will be made to the HOCl Trust.


Due to the delayed full launch there has been very little to report. Expenditure has been minimal - £600 for the creation of the web site. All other expenditure has been borne by the trustees. The bank current account stands at around £2000 today which has come from various benefactors such as Ecclesiastical Insurance Group and Peter Ottewill to whom we extend our deep gratitude. The rest has come through donations given directly by Not the Norm Ltd and raised through their eBay Seller donations, purchases,

and random donations from people through the website itself. Thank you - ALL OF YOU.


Our intentions have not changed: To raise public awareness of the existence of this hugely important natural phenomenon HOCl and in so doing, raise the funds to be able to improve the hygiene, water and thus lives of people and animals in areas of the world where such qualities are deficient. The tie up between the HOCl Trust and SanPharma will bring our ultimate goals closer.

The Trustees,


Patrons: Professor Carlton Evans, Dr Sumona Datta, Sir Richard Stilgoe & Dr Hugh Martin

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