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Due to demand (with very little financial contribution so far from the public) the Health & Social Care Sector frontline workers working directly with Covid-19 patients are being prioritised over other sectors, however each application will be considered on an individual basis, and if we are able to help you we will contact you directly and let you know. 

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Do I have to donate to receive HOCl?

No. Key workers receive HOCl from us free of charge.

Ideally we would like to help every registered group, however, we will prioritise frontline medical key workers whilst lack of funds and thus lack of supplies dictate. Please encourage your friends and family to donate and help us to help you!

Is HOCl - NaDCC - approved for use in a hospital setting?

Yes, it is. NaDCC tablets, diluted to make HOCl, are considered a 'critical commodity' listed on the WHO Disease Commodity Package as 'PPE for Health Care Facilities' for Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 v.4., which was updated on 6th March 2020.

WHO explains NaDCC is used as a source of free available chlorine, in the form of hypochlorous acid, and is used widely to disinfect drinking water. It is already being used within the NHS and is available through the NHS supply chain.


How will we make and use HOCl when you send us the supplies?

It's very simple. You will receive NaDCC to distribute amongst your colleagues. These have instructions on the lids to dissolve the tablets at the correct viricidal concentration.

You will only need to have 4 other things:

  1. 2 litre soda or water bottle
  2. tap water
  3. a spray bottle to decant the HOCl into for easier application on surfaces, hands etc.
  4. a permanent marker to label the bottles 'HOCl 2000ppm AFC'.

The bottles can then be used time and time again.

+ 2l H2O =

Each tub of NaDCC contains 200 tablets, enough to make 100 litres of virucidal HOCl, at 2000ppm (AFC).

Other ways to help us raise funds:

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