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By achieving Mission #1 we can achieve Mission #2!

Mission #2

To improve and even save the lives of others on a global scale through greater hygiene and safer drinking water

Mission #1

To help you reduce your reliance on toxic household disinfectants, reduce infection and speed healing at home

But firstly, what on Earth is HOCl?!

Hypochlorous Acid…..sounds bad but it truly isn’t.

Put simply, it is pharmacy’s best-kept secret

  • HOCl sterilises - maximising hygiene - similar chemicals only disinfect.
  • HOCl is 100% NON TOXIC to man, beast and the environment.
  • HOCl is naturally produced by the blood to fight infection.
  • HOCl forms a major part of the human and animal immune system.

At the HOCl Trust, we  can make this naturally-occuring chemical in vast quantities quickly, safely and cheaply. It can decontaminate huge volumes of water at very short notice, and is the perfect solution for the speedy eradication of water-borne diseases and improving  hygiene in water-stressed communities and at times of disaster.

 Achieving Mission #1

When you donate to the HOCl Trust, we will instruct you on how to  make HOCl simply and safely at home.

You can use it for many purposes including sterlilising your baby's bottles,  toys and washable nappies,  your  kitchen worktops and food prep areas, cleaning   little Timmy's  cuts and abrasions after he comes off his scooter, speeding the healing of granny's  leg ulcer and gargling to stop that sore throat you woke up with in its tracks.

Making HOCl at home saves you money and will help you eliminate the dangers posed to your family by many of your current household cleaning chemicals.

Achieving Mission #2

Your donations will support our wider efforts to partner with existing charities and NGOs currently working in the Hygiene, Health, Medical and Water arenas (both Human and Animal). Our mission is to broaden their knowledge base so they will come to trust and promote the use of HOCl themselves. This in turn will go a long way to  wiping-out suffering caused by fatal waterborne pathogens such as cholera and typhoid in drinking water.

Are you involved in another charity or NGO which could work with us to help us achieve  our goals?

Click here to learn  how we can help each other.

The HOCl Trust has been established to promote, teach and make available the benefits of Hypochlorous Acid or HOCl - a  tradtional, naturally-occuring chemical to everyone.

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Our immune systems ALREADY make HOCl internally for us.

Now we can ALL make it externally to protect life.

Patrons: Professor Carlton Evans, Dr Sumona Datta, Sir Richard Stilgoe & Dr Hugh Martin

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